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My Internet Degrees

Degrees & titles, off the Internet!


What is in a Degree or Title?

Some time ago I was debating a preacher in a internet chat room that had a Dr. degree. After a number of weeks of him and others pointing out that he was a “Dr.” and I was not, I felt the need to get some titles for myself. Within a few weeks I became an Ordained Minister, got a Dr. of Divinity and a Ph.D. in Prunology.

To my shock the Ordained Minister and Dr. of Divinity were real. Agreed they are not worth the paper they are written on but in the State of Florida I can use them to start my own church and even open up a Christian counseling office! The cool thing is you can write or call the Universal Life Church Headquarters they will verify that I am a indeed an Ordained Minister and have a Dr. of Divinity.

Sadly the online college that I got my Ph.D. in Prunology is no longer open or on line. “Prunology is the study of Silliness” That Ph.D is also REAL as you can hold it on your hands! I don’t think it would help me get a job. It was really set up well. They send a photo of the school mascot and an Alumni number and a letter of acceptance along with the very nice looking degree.

I was a youth pastor at this time and it drove the youth that I had that were going to college up the wall. I told them I got my Ph.D for $20 and they were paying thousands for their associate degrees.

Recently, I went to Universal Ministries because they had better looking certificates and minister’s id card than the Universal Life Church. I also become an Ordained Minister from Universal Ministries with them. The certificate is very nice and the id card is plastic with your name embossed on it. You never know when you need to pull out your ministers ID!

So As you can see the Degrees & title off the Internet are REAL but not ones that I would REALLY use. The scary thing is I COULD use them If I wanted to!

NOW the plot thickens…. I have kicked it up a notch. I wanted a BOSS of a title, so I became a LORD.  Yep, Paid for a 1SqFt of land in Scotland and BOOM just like that I have an official proclamation from Established Titles that I shall be known as LORD Dale C Crow!  They tell me that LORDship comes with many perks!  We shall see!  

Universal Ministries
Ordained Minister on 06/07/2004

Universal Life Church Headquarters
Ordained Minister on 04/04/1997

Universal Life Church Headquarters
Dr. of Divinity on 04/09/1997

Royal Prune University
35246 US Hwy 19 Ste. 258
Palm Harbor, Fl. 34684
The Website is now off line.
Alumni #2501 April 18, 1997
Ph.D Doctor Of Prunology

Dale Chipley Crow, by the virtue of the ownership of land in Scotland, by way of a dedication, upon the effect and the receipt of this proclamation, in particular regarding the land described as Plot €492730 by Established Titles, may henceforth and in perpetuity be known by the style and Title of LORD and shall Hereafter, to all and sundry, be known as:
LORD Dale Chipley Crow.

Established Titles

The truth be known it is kinda scary!